Modern VR an Employee Game Changer
If you have never investigated virtual reality (VR) or not in recent times, now is certainly the time.  It has come a long way.  We are past the overhyped promises of early days. VR is finally here in real “virtual” life.  Recent newer devices such as the Oculus Quest provide a release from cables with all the processing in the headset and at a very approachable price point.The VR experiences is a game changer for employees. Here we will focus on aspects of VR regardin...
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Hybrid work – you haven’t seen anything yet!
Recent numbers show that you could be losing 41% of your workforce this year. Hybrid work environments and new feelings about work are effecting this. Your business can benefit greatly by minimizing this number. With a focus on approaches needed in this hybrid work environment you will discover from our findings that simple changes can cause dramatic results.
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Top Happiness tactics for you and your business
Learn more about the definitive ways to deliver happiness to you, your employees, and customers.
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Imagine all your employees happier, it can happen!
Happier employees increase revenue 5.7 times. Be guided through the paradox between customer centric and employee focused. Learn from recent data about a new approach to increased revenue through employee happiness. It will not take much to make a big difference for your business. What would your business look like with 99% of your employees happy?
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Time Management for When the World Has Turned Upside Down
By Monika B. Jensen, Ph.D
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Stay Home, Stay Calm, and Colour
There are times in life when we meet people who stay on our minds because they impress you with their talent, their knowledge, or their community spirit. When I met artist Kate Collver three years ago, this is what happened to me. Her art speaks to people of hope and inspiration. In non-virus times, Kate hosts workshops to help people find their creativity and in the process calm emotional chaos and even anxiety
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Recognize Your Employees with The Hive™ Portable Wireless Speaker
Looking for a new way to recognize your employees? The Hive™ True Wireless Portable Surround Sound Speaker is an innovative way to celebrate your employees' accomplishments and keep them engaged. These powerful speakers link together to create an immersive surround sound experience!
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Fully Customizable Scarves
Gerald talks about the line of fully customizable elite scarves. They take the clients logo and their graphic artist creates the design. It is that easy! After this is done, they will sample for the client free of charge.
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Stylish & Sustainable: The Feltro Collection
Looking for stylish and sustainable business accessories? I love the new Feltro Collection—retail-inspired products that are made out of recycled water bottles and post-industrial scrap leather. Which item is your favorite?
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The Power of Packaging: 2200 mAh Power Bank
Need to recharge? The Power Shot looks like an energy drink, but pop the top, and you have a handy power bank for all of your charging needs.
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