Calling all Leaders -- Time to dig in now and ready your employees!

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Calling all Leaders -- Time to dig in now and ready your employees!

A look at Tomorrow’s technology and corporate culture changes to survive.


“Finding good help is always hard to do.”

This sentiment has been repeated in companies of all sizes for as long as there has been organized businesses. To overcome this reality, corporations implemented extensive training and retention programs to create good help and keep that help close at hand.


“Finding any help is impossible.”

Finding any employees is the new challenge already faced by companies, and it will only become more challenging. In many countries such as Canada, there are large shortages of available workforce, and the shortage gap is only projected to get wider.


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Immigration, corporate consolidation, and today’s technology will help but won’t be the final solution for effective successful companies of the near future.

Read more about “The BIG labour issue” in our blog post from last month: HERE 


“Tomorrow’s technology will be the answer”

Well, yes, tomorrow’s technology could help, but only if it is implemented correctly within the corporate culture you are nurturing at your company.  You see, new technology usually brings disruption within the company. This disruption is experienced most vividly when you are using technology to manage what was once traditional roles for employees.  Remember, employees don’t see the shortages directly they see the corporation not hiring.  Along with many other issues, job security fears go through the roof!


Tomorrow’s Technology sneak peak…

Let’s take a quick look at the technology which could provide solutions for your company.  Some of this is not quite there yet and ready to be deployed but you should be ready and your corporate culture should be aligned beforehand anyway.


Digital Human Clones and Avatars

Combining cinematography technology and techniques with artificial intelligence has created new possibilities of interaction and service.  Following are some of these advancements.


Digital People

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This technology creates a duplicate of real people using advanced imagery, movement and AI to generate more lifelike interactions.  With this new interface, interactions are becoming more natural and engaging. Still a little robotic like, it has come a long way and will quickly improve to even more human like qualities.

Use the technology to duplicate your employees and divide tasks perhaps? Create multiple customer service representatives which are always available? Use internally to teach staff and enable interaction through the process? There are endless possibilities once this tomorrow technology is fully evolved. There are some possibilities right now!

How are your employees going to feel about this tomorrow technology?  How is your company going to adapt to this?


Captured Interactive Conversations

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This project uses 360 degree cameras and recorded answers to questions to create an interactive installation. People can interact with this installation by asking direct questions and the AI pulls out the appropriate responses and the recorded live person responds with the answers previously given during recording.

Interact and learn from others who may be long gone.  Lessons can still be taught, and knowledge gained through continued conversations.  You could imagine employees who have been with your company for a long time will have some interesting things to share for future employees.

We will need to start now to capture this knowledge if we intend on using it in the future.  If knowledge and knowhow are not captured in some form, they will one day be lost forever.  This knowledge capture can also be a record of corporate culture changing over time. Displaying culture over time to the new employees can show change and innovation more clearly of the progressive company.


Brand personalities

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The above is Ruth from Tollhouse.  She will guide you through the steps to a perfect result.  An over-the-shoulder helper who carries the corporate brand along with her interactions.  How will your corporate brand be represented with technology like this?

Time to move from the faceless and less interactive and less helpful chat bots used by so many companies.  Chat bots don’t carry your brand image well at all. They also certainly don’t provide the visual feedback and cues to your customers to know they are being heard.

Also, and this is a big one, once the metaverse becomes fully adopted, you will already have a brand personality which can interact with other real customers in the metaverse directly.


Corporate Culture Wrapper

BEFORE, you deploy tomorrow’s technology, your corporate culture must be aligned and ready to embrace this change. Following are a few points to consider:

  • Have a good look at your current employee communication programs
    • Good communication programs help to avoid rumour and fears
  • Broaden your corporate culture strategies to embrace your current employees more
    • Expand reward and recognition programs and celebrate with your employees
  • Identify and engage early adopter champions within your company
    • These key employees will lead and calm the rest with these tomorrow technologies
  • Create a project team to explore tomorrow’s technologies from employees and leadership
    • Build the team with your business employees and technical employees together
    • Have this team present the findings on a regular basis and solicit feedback
    • Rotate the members of this project team regularly to maintain fresh eyes and excitement for the possibilities
  • Engage more with 3rd party corporate culture teams to bring a fresh new perspective
    • Outside assistance can disarm employee fears and improve program engagement
  • Start Now
    • Be ready when tomorrow’s technology is fully ready and you will be well ahead of the other companies which will be scrambling to survive



Time is moving quickly, and your company needs these tomorrow technologies to address the labour shortage which isn’t going to get better anytime soon.  The time to start is now.

If you would like to discuss this further or dive into some other techniques which may assist you and your business regarding your employees and corporate culture, we are here to help!


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