The Celebration Revolution: The Positive Impact in your Workplace


The Celebration Revolution: The Positive Impact in your Workplace

The studies have been done the research has been reviewed and verified.  It is all very clear;
celebrations create a positive impact on your workforce and positive results for your business.

Even deeply effecting the brain chemistry of the people celebrating with positive outcomes:
"Celebration Conversations elevate the level of such “feel good” chemicals as oxytocin and the endorphins—neuropeptides produced in the central nervous system. Their release into our system gives us a sense of well-being, creating a safety space that enables us to experiment, take risks, learn and handle the challenges of growing the business."1

Celebrations create social connections within your workplace which have many benefits to your business.
"A large number of empirical studies confirm that positive social connections at work produce highly desirable results. For example, people get sick less often, recover twice as fast from surgery, experience less depression, learn faster and remember longer, tolerate pain and discomfort better, display more mental acuity, and perform better on the job."2

Unfortunately, celebrations are usually transactional events where opportunity is lost.
Typically, businesses set up an event for staff on a particular day and time. The celebration takes place and the accomplishment or point of celebration is noted.  You have food and some social activities for a short time, and then everyone returns to their normal schedules.  In most cases like this, a big opportunity is lost.

The opportunity lost is in capturing and maintaining that positive emotional connection in your employees for a much longer timeframe than the short event offers. In short, the opportunity is in the positive memories and stories which come from these celebrations to positively effect your corporate culture.

So, how do you have more celebrations which capitalize on the opportunities?
We have executed some epic celebrations which created the positive memories and stories to enhance businesses corporate culture.
To create lasting memories and positive stories which are shared for a long time after the initial event we suggest things like uniquely branded and personalized products together with themed messages.

Imagine and visualize this…

Let’s use this unique product called HIVE, a fantastic sounding Bluetooth speaker which can be stacked and personalized.  You can imagine a wall of these stacked together, one representing each employee at the celebration.  The music thumping from them and the excitement in the air.


The themed message, “Together we ROAR…”  Serving food and drinks, everyone would also be outfitted in fantastic quality company branded team apparel. What an image. An image which you can also push out on social feeds to show the world a peak of behind the scenes and images of your happy connected team.

As the celebration is winding down, you encourage each employee to come up and take their speaker away.  As they do the sound decreases. This is your moment to remind everyone that as ONE team, we can ROAR and make a lotta noise out there.

As the year progresses, other personalized products like journal books, bags, water bottles, all with the same theme, “Together we Roar” are provided to keep the memories and stories going strong.
The connection and positive stories will be told in and outside of your business. This will create that legendary positive cultural feeling and story to produce positive results for your business.  

We don’t create celebrations where opportunities are lost. We create epic and legendary celebrations which have a lasting positive impact on your business. 

Our team is here to help your team with execution and help provide many other creative solutions to build your corporate culture and benefit your company.

Please do reach out to our team at Durham Promotional Products for items like this and/or other creative solutions to engage and connect with your workforce and customers.  We excel at creating smiles, increasing productivity, and providing overall stronger corporate cultural bonds with our creative solutions.



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