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There are times in life when we meet people who stay on our minds because they impress you with their talent, their knowledge, or their community spirit.  When I met artist Kate Collver three years ago, this is what happened to me.

Her art speaks to people of hope and inspiration.  In non-virus times, Kate hosts workshops to help people find their creativity and in the process calm emotional chaos and even anxiety.

During this time, I thought this is something that we all need. And I asked her to write a guest blog for us and share her artwork and a downloadable colouring page.

I see her artwork potentially becoming part of the Pat Doyle Employee Series and The Smile Project as it can help employees calm their emotions and spark their creativity. 

Please share this with your teams and stay healthy.

Pat Doyle




Figure 1 Artist Kate Collver, founder of Find Yourself and Be Creative Wellness Workshops.

Guest blog by artist Kate Collver

In these uncertain times we need to learn to be still and rest in the midst of the storm.

I have always loved to create, a way of releasing emotions from my inner world to an outer reality.

I believe we are ALL created to create. So, grab some pencil crayons/markers and get ready to colour.

I have always been in search of my authentic voice. My journey has had many ups and downs. As a person of faith, I am confident that if I stay in peace, continue to learn, and grow, my story will be sprinkled with miracles and yours will be too!

3 Practices to Stay in Peace in Uncertain Times:

  1. Daily I choose to live a quiet life; through stillness, trust and surrender. I engage in prayer and meditation every day and live from a place of gratitude. Whatever your beliefs, being still and living with gratitude is something we can all do and should.
  2. I embrace the beauty of nature, walking regularly and exploring the outdoors. Psychologists found that a 10-minute walk may be just as good as a 45-minute workout when it comes to relieving the symptoms of anxiety. In this season of social distancing we are still allowed to go for a walk if we keep appropriate distances.
  3. When I feel the need to release emotions, I create.  All we need is some paper and some markers. The mixing of colour releases an energetic flow where chaos replaces calm. Studies have shown that colouring, like meditation, allows us to switch off parts of our brains from other thoughts and focus only on the moment, helping to reduce anxiety.

ColouringPageMy Find Yourself and Be Creative Wellness Workshops come from this place. These workshops were designed to bring together my passion for healing and art: to help others on their journey of self-discovery.

When I create my artwork, there is a story in my mind. This piece, “Believe in Miracles”, is a story about Alice, who held onto her belief in herself and found her miracle.

Do you need a miracle? I know our earth does. “Believe in Miracles” is for you. Receive it by faith.

Figure 2:

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Figure 3Believe in MIracles by Kate Collver

Believe in MIracles Cover by Kate Collver


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