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None traditional but highly functional
Take a look at these none traditional but highly functional items to create that different story and stand out.
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See why the oldest glove manufacturer in North America is still around, hint quality.
Hear why these gloves are also the best product for employee safety programs.
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The best cooler back for a salesperson on the go...
Discover the best cooler bag for the salesperson on the go. Your employee hitting the road for your business make things happen needs this cooler bag's unique features.
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The most exciting things happening in the personal care space.
Discover these personal care products which provide the wow factor while being safe and made in a great facility.
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Remember the story, tell the story
Use fabulous unique quality items to tell the story you want to tell and connect people to your brand.
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Oprah's Favorite Things: Corkcicle
Fantastic items you and your employees will love. These items will allow your employees to make a positive connection to your business. Another great find!
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Yep, a washable paper bag.  Good for the environment and good for you.
You will see this paper bag with your logo clearly visible can be washed and cleaned for long time reuse.
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The largest bag at the trade show wins
Have a look at this discovery by Pat Doyle to really carry your brand to get noticed at the trade shows or out in the public. Another great find by Pat Doyle.
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Pat Doyle hand picking memorable moment items
Discover what Pat Doyle has been discovering to bring to his new employee celebration of memorable moments.
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